Bell Ringers' Report

New bells, new ringers, new energy

Interested in Bell Ringing? Watch this fantastic documentary “The Craft Of Bellringing” and/or vie this lesson “Ropesight: How Bells Work”

After the refurbishment of the bells, two new bells, and now the well-lit ringing room, Wednesday night practice is more enjoyable than ever.

This year we’ve welcomed three new ringers. They’ve learned to handle and control the bells, guided by an experienced ringer. As with all newbies, they ring at their own speed when on their own. And it can be quite daunting at first to fit in with the rest of the group. New ringers have to learn to speed up or slow down when necessary. We all do our best to leave a gap where they are meant to be. 

After these initial lessons which can take several weeks or months, they are ready to move onto the next stage. This involves starting with the bells ringing in order (rounds) until the leader of the team calls a ‘change’ that tells us all what to ring (e.g. the caller says 5 to 3 and we go from 12345678 to 12354678). A ringer can only make a change with the bell immediately in front or behind them. This is the start of basic change ringing. 

For those of us with a little more experience, we start learning ringing methods. These are patterns made by the bells ringing with each other. The easiest is the plain hunt, but others have names like Bob Doubles, Grandsire Doubles, Plain Bob Minor and Grandsire Triple. Names with Doubles, Minor or Triples will tell a ringer how many bells are used to ring the method. Ringers develop various ways to remember them as well as how they transition from one to another.

Practice night is our opportunity to ring what we know and try new methods as well as giving beginners a chance to progress. Unfortunately we can’t make mistakes quietly so we apologies if we clash about sometimes.

Occasionally an experience group of ringers book the tower to ring a peal. This may last for up to three hours. Eight ringers all keep going for that time. No round is ever repeated. The next visiting group will have rung at the end of August. The art of bell ringing is very ancient and very English tradition. If you would like to know more, come to the bell towner opening at the Rectory Fete on 21st September. There will be the opportunity to see the bells in the bell chamber. We also welcome visitors on practice nights, just to look or perhaps consider becoming a ringer. We are a friendly group and enjoy our visit to the pub after our Wednesday session.

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