Holiday Club 2019

All Aboard For Holiday Club 2019
words Sara Smith, photos Jan Jesson

39 children, 17 adults, 3 young helpers and an ark bursting full of animals set off with Noah on this year’s parish holiday club. 

During  three morning sessions,  children made  life like (thankfully not life size!) animal skittles, colourful (but hopefully not too effective) rainmakers and sailing boats.

They learnt the story of Noah and his ark, how the world was made in seven days, Adam and Eve’s temptation dilemma and God’s top ten rules. Each day the children had to walk the plank through the (friendly) shark infested waters, watched  the gripping drama of Noah’s Ark, heard bible stories from the puppet team,  showed endless energy in outdoor games, were refreshed by snacks, gave thanks to God in a daily circle of prayer and delivered some awesome singing with a few jokes thrown in! How did they fit so much into 3 hours!

Holiday Club finished with a fabulous showcase to parents and family on the Wednesday evening. The children displayed their completed crafts, revealed a beautiful rainbow and showed parents what singing really should sound like. Finally, all were awarded with the traditional Holiday Club certificate.

Many, many thanks to Michelle Matthews and her Holiday Club team and a huge thanks to the children for making it so much fun. Everyone is looking forward to next year’s adventure!

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