Weddings at Churches in the Parish of Ewhurst, Okewood or Forest Green

Many couples want to have a church wedding as it is a very special day when you start your new life together.  You give your promises to each other in front of your family and friends and, just as importantly, before God.  If you are a happy couple planning to do this, we hope the following will help.

It is a good idea to contact a member of the clergy team as soon as you have decided that you would like to be married in one of the Parish churches. This means there is plenty of time to sort out possible dates and to put in place all the arrangements needed.

Even if one of you (or both) live in the parish  or you have a close connection with a church in the parish - or if neither of you presently has a connection - you do need to talk to a member of the clergy as soon as possible.  This is because there are both legal and church regulations which must be followed for your wedding in church to happen and the clergy can advise you on what needs to be done.

There is an application form you can download HERE.
Once completed, please it to send to the Parish Office.

Getting married in church does involve costs – some you have to pay, others are up to you.

Costs for all weddings

Item                                                   Cost (£)

*Wedding ceremony                          455

*Reading of Banns                              30

Banns Certificate                                 14

Wedding certificate                               4

*These are legal requirements and MUST be paid

Additional cost, individual churches

St Peter and St Paul Ewhurst                          £

            *Verger & cleaning                               40

            *Heating (if applicable)                         30

            Organ & organist                                100

            Choir to sing                                       120

            Bells & Bell ringers                             100

*These costs need to be paid for when you use the church

Video Rights within the church are decided on an individual basis

Flowers can be done by the church flower arranging team, or you can use your own florist. This needs to be discussed with the flower arranging team, whichever option you choose.

You will be asked to decide at least three months before your wedding which of the extra things you would like for your wedding as the people involved need to set the date in their diaries.

You may be asked for a deposit when you start planning your wedding.

ALL costs are payable one month before the service.

Once your wedding date is set, you will be expected to have preparation meetings with the clergy member who is going to marry you.  This is so that all aspects of your wedding can be discussed well before the important day.

You will also be asked to have a rehearsal just before your wedding with as many of the people directly involved as possible.  It is best to have got your Order of Service for your wedding organised well before this, at least a month before, so that everyone knows what is happening and can make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible on the Big Day.



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