The Glebe Caf | Wednesday Mornings | The Glebe Centre, Ewhurst, GU6 7PY

Note: this is currently being held in the EYSC building on Ewhurst Recreation ground

The Glebe Centre is a very special place - a donated bungalow that's been tranformed into a community centre. It is a massive blessing to the village of Ewhurst and Parish as a whole. And every Wednesday there is a smashing, vibrant caf which once a month features an invaluable hearing aid clinic (see the calendar for details).


Kindred Spirits "Pay As You Feel" Caf | Wednesdays 9am - 12 noon | Ockley Cricket Pavilion, RH5 5TS*

Every Wednesday morning at 9:00am, Kindred Spirits run a very popular "pay as you feel" caf as part of parish outreach. In 2019 they celebrated 7 years since opening and whilst the core team has changed over the years they still have a dedicated group of very supportive volunteers.

They give their time to home baking and serving at the cafe on Wednesday mornings to all comers, be they local villagers or passers by. In this way they are richly supported by the community and through this support they are able to donate to many various causes such as Macmillan, Tadworth Trust, the Wasp Local Bus, Christian Aid and the Mesothelioma Charity.


* We are conscious that the Pavilion caf is not geographically within the new Parish boundary. However, several founding members who still actively run the caf are members of the Okewood & Forest Green congregations. As there is the opportunity for relationships to form there for people in either parish we consider this a ministry worthy of celebrating and promoting here.

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