We're overjoyed whenever someone, young or old, wants to be baptised. Because it signals a commitment to follow Jesus, surrounded by the love and support of a community of believers. It's a powerful thing.

Baptism is usually done during a 11am service on the 1st or 2nd Sunday of the month. This makes it a real family occasion. Not just for your natural family but for the family of Christ into which you are baptised.

Parents will have meetings with a clergy member who is going to do the baptism. This is so that all aspects of the ceremony and its meaning can be discussed and sorted out well before the actual ceremony. And remember, baptisms are free when part of a regular church service (though there is a legal administrative cost to process the baptism certificate).

There is a Baptism Application Form which can be downloaded here. When completed, it should be sent to the  Parish Office at

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