Note to Key Holders at St Peter and St Paul

Note to Key Holders at St Peter and St Paul

Dear Keyholders,

As someone who holds keys for our church in Ewhurst you have great responsibility. Thank you for your help and support over the years. We are now entering another time of national lockdown and we have had to make the difficult decision to pause our face to face worship in our church building for the time being in order to reduce the risk of spreading the virus. 

I am aware that there are a few people who go into the church building to help set up and fix things over the week. Thank you for all you do. Special seasonal mention must be made to Graham who has been draining the sump pump and ensuring that our vestry is not flooded. 

The leadership team and I need to ask you to help us as we take the necessary and difficult steps to reduce the risk of contamination from our church building. If you need to go into the church FOR ANY REASON I would ask that you contact one of the wardens, Liz at the office or myself. We need to know who is going into the church and when. We will not need anyone to set up communion for the time being. If you would like to provide flowers please contact Liz or myself and we can arrange something. 

If you to help us to reduce the amount of people going into our church building at this time we can work more quickly and easily towards the day when we can move back to face to face worship.

Thank you.

Reverend Clare

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Page last updated: 15th January 2021 3:10 PM